I have been writing software since 1981 and I have one or two utilities I have written in response to a gap in the market.

Automatic Input and Weighing of Bar Bending Schedules

Reinforcing steel (rebar) is specified on bar bending schedules, used by the factory and the steel fixers and engineers on site.

The quantity (tonnes) of steel is the unit of measurement for payment, and is sometimes broken down with different rates for different diameter bars.

Calculating the weight of steel detailed on the schedules is a straightforward process - multiplying the number of bars, length per bar, and weight per metre together for each barmark on the schedule.

This can be done automatically by a spreadsheet for 1000's of barmarks BUT as the schedules are generally not made available in spreadsheet (XLS) or text format it is necessary to manually type in the entire schedule.
This is time consuming and error prone.

My utility reads commonly available PDF schedules and converts them to XLS (Excel spreadsheet) format. 

This is not as easy to achieve as one might think. The PDF to XLS converters that are available all produce a very rough and unusable conversion. 

My excel macro uses logic to identify the correct parts of the schedule to copy across and tabulate the schedule correctly. It is easy to see that it has not missed important info as the "waste" from the schedules is kept on a separate page where it can be checked.

The schedules will also be tabulated with weight per schedule page and also sub totalled by bar diameter / type.

Once the schedule database has been created it can easily be used for calloffs, with a running total and balance being kept. Prices from the factory can be kept keener by keeping the wagons full, and the calloffs can be easily adjusted to give the desired tonnage.

This service would be useful for the Quantity Surveyors (QS) and Estimators for main contractors, subcontractors and steel fixing subbies and factories.

I currently offer the service to convert and weigh bar bending schedules on a per page basis at very economical rates - accuracy guaranteed or your money back!

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